Every few months, a new “revolutionary” diet hits the market with promises of effective, easy weight loss. Few of these diets are actually useful. Most, unfortunately, are just fad diets with little substance. Eat Stop Eat is another new diet that has been hitting the airwaves recently and has built up a lot of curiosity. We take a look at this diet program in this article and tell you if it is worth the price.

The Eat Stop Eat diet was created by Brad Pilon. Brad Pilon is an expert on diet, exercise and weight loss, and his Eat Stop Eat diet was featured on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet.

The Eat Stop Eat diet has two basic components: fasting and weight training exercise routines. The latter component is hardly unique, but the former (intermittent fasting) is what makes this program so interesting, effective and powerful.

This approach makes sense as the primary goal of any weight loss program should be to help you get rid of excess fat while still retaining the muscle mass. The intermittent fasting in Eat Stop Eat will help you lose the fat, while the weight training exercises will make sure that your muscle mass does not dissolve along with the fat.

Neither the fasting, nor the weight training components will put your body or health at any risk whatsoever. Both of these components are followed at a mild range of intensity that anyone can follow easily.

The best part is that when you are not fasting, you won’t have to eat celery sticks or carrots and starve yourself. You can continue to eat normally in-between the fasting periods. For those who have difficulty holding off on their favorite foods, this is a perfect program.

But, you ask, does the program really work?

Yes, and marvellously. The diet and exercise patterns are highly effective at cutting down on your body fat while still retaining muscle mass. While most diet programs will make you lose weight both fat AND muscles, the Eat Stop Eat program helps you to retain the latter, which is a HUGE plus.

Brad does a good job of going through the various nuances of the program and explaining the biological reason for its effectiveness. The principles laid out in the book are sound, and you will gain a strong insight into the working of the human body through it. This is one program that comes highly recommended for anyone looking to lose weight easily and permanently.

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